Below, you’ll find answers to the most common questions you have on Flashy Cactus and product specials. Please check out our LinkedIn page and if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, just contact us!

Do I need to open an account, or do you just accept requests?

No need to open an account, we’re flexible and offer the path of least resistance to work with us.

Is it easier to make a product request by email or over the phone?

We’re flexible, although we take most of our enquiries over email, our phone lines are open 8am-10pm, Monday – Friday, if you prefer to discuss requirements over the phone.

What are your payment terms?

One single statement, 30 days end of the following month. No cash transactions and cash flow can be managed accordingly.

Do you deliver directly to the end user?

Yes, most of our orders go to the end user.

Do you deal with the end user directly?

No. We’re a strictly trade-only organisation.

What are your response times?

We respond to your requests within 24hrs. This can change depending on demand.

What are your lead times?

These timings are advised at the time of receiving your quote.

What categories do you specialise in?

We don’t specialise, we’re the jack of all trades!

Do you have minimum order values or quantities?

This is advised at the time of the quote.

Do you have additional carriage costs?

These are built into the total cost. However, we will advise at the time of the quote if there is a separate carriage cost incurred.

What is your returns policy?

Returns are accepted if goods are faulty or damaged on arrival only. We ask that customers check and know what they are ordering at the time of placing their orders.

What are your warranty details?

All the products that we source will carry the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty.

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