Introducing our FREE Resources

Jan 12, 2024 | News

Introducing our FREE resources: Helping you take the pain away from procurement


How do you use them? It’s simple.

1. Advertise procurement services to your customers using our FREE resources customised with your logo and contact details.

2. Leave it to us. Forward your customer’s requests to us.

3. Receive your customer’s quote from us in just 24hrs.

4. Return the quote to the customer including a price and estimated delivery time.

The cherry on the cake? You’ll receive an exclusive 5% off any product requests when successfully using our resources.


So what’s included?

1X email

1X Web Banner

1X Flyer

As your partner in procurement excellence, we’ve geared our resources so that every organisation and industry can make the most of them, including those in:

  • Education

  • Professional Services

  • Public Services

  • Office

  • Warehouse

  • Hospitality

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss our on this amazing opportunity to take our partnership to the next level and get an exclusive 5% off!